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Alex Ad Gladio


Cool Tuna Studio is no longer generally available for building web sites. However, I do answer questions.

Wallpaper Gallery - Downloads

You may download these to use as computer desktop wallpapers or just enjoy larger and more decorative versions of my CG work. Click the link and "Save Target As," or they will open in your browser. Most are 1920x1200 pixel JPEG files suitable for wide-screen monitors; or get a cropped and re-sized version for standard-aspect monitors. These have a lot of decorative elements as background to the figures.

These are listed from newest to oldest.

Please do not redistribute these as your own or in any other form. These are for your personal enjoyment only.

My 3-D art is rendered in Poser 7 Pro and Poser Pro2010 and post-worked in Photoshop CS4.

By the way, go see the Poser Freebies page for downloads.