Poser Workflow Update

Update to an earlier post about my recommended workflow for setting up scenes in Poser. . . . → Read More: Poser Workflow Update


Jim Farris’ Poser Tutorials

A list of links to Jim Farris’ fairly advanced AND illustrated Poser tutorials. They cover things like rigging characters, making Easypose figures, lighting, and DIY IBL light materials–stuff nobody else ever talks about. Save this list. You’ll want it later, trust me. . . . → Read More: Jim Farris’ Poser Tutorials


More About Alpha Masks

Using Motion Blur in Post

How I do motion blur in post-work, using alpha masks generated by the renders. . . . → Read More: More About Alpha Masks

Doing Art

Artistic Depth of Field

Today I answered a post, here, that said of a rendered image:

Playing around with depth of field and sort of liked the effect? Too much?

If you haven’t gone to look at it, it was a figure against a blurred background, basically. The background was barely distinguishable as light and dark objects. (Really, the . . . → Read More: Artistic Depth of Field

Doing Art

Character Creation Tips for Poser Users

Someone I had not previously met asked me in a Renderosity site mail: Hi there – i was browsing your gallery and am totally amazed by your fellas. How did you get the latest one to look so damn good? . . . → Read More: Character Creation Tips for Poser Users

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