Doing Art

Rendo Art Charts Again!

Got #39 in the Renderosity Art Charts as a “favorite artist” for June 29, 2009 through July 5, 2009. Woot! No, no monetary prize for this. A pat on the head is quite sufficient, thank you.

How it happens, if you were wondering (and are really bored):

Renderosity’s Favorite Artists are displayed here after careful . . . → Read More: Rendo Art Charts Again!

Doing Art

I’m so proud of us!

They change the Renderosity Staff Picks on Sundays and three of us from the Virile Noir thread got in this week! Actually, we show up a fair amount. Do go see it! We have images from Kfox, LT Roberts, and myself there.

Doing Art


…is getting an automatic note in the email that I was 9th on the favorite artist chart for last week. Woo! No, no money prizes are associated with that. Buy hey, this is what the automated congratulations says:

Dear nfredman,

This is a notification that you made it onto this week’s Art Charts at, . . . → Read More: Happiness…

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