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Blogs, They Are A-Multiplyin’

Promoting e-books leads to MORE BLOGGING. And a few good links. :) . . . → Read More: Blogs, They Are A-Multiplyin’

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Cocktails with Gloom


“This is not the cleavage you were looking for,” is what he told the guy at the bar who was staring at him. And this was not a pickup joint, anyhow, nor a place to meet clients; this was his favorite neighborhood dive, or close enough. So Gloom took his third? Fourth? Hypnotini back to his table–maybe a bit unsteadily–and sat again at the booth he had to himself. . . . → Read More: Cocktails with Gloom


New Cooltuna Freebies

Making that horn set for FemaSu inspired me to start modeling again, so I whipped up a nice spiked cuff to match the spiked collar done quite a while as well as a simple ring parented to various fingers. You should go get these, if you use DAZ3D’s Michael4 (M4 for short). . . . → Read More: New Cooltuna Freebies

Art + Story

Miss April

Miss April

Herewith Miss April! OK, she’s late. The rocket got delayed, and she had to hitch a ride on this old bomb. But she’s here! And she’s cheery! And pink. . . . → Read More: Miss April

3D models

Royloo’s T2 Freebies Return!

T2 for M4 Promo

Antonio, the administrator of the Poser Addicts II site, has managed to get this much-loved Poser free outfit for M4 (and the V4 version as well, I believe) from Royloo, who created it and made it available to the public once more! . . . → Read More: Royloo’s T2 Freebies Return!

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