Art + Story

“Keep Your Enemies Closer”

Keep Your Enemies Closer: Alex and Fechín

You know the old Sicilian saying? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. . . . → Read More: “Keep Your Enemies Closer”

Art + Story

“The Babysitter”

The Babysitter: Ian

At five-foot six, Ian Stewart is one of the smaller guys in the Coven. But he’s Alex’s Second, one of the soldiers, and the one Alex can depend on to get the most heinous jobs done. His FBI file agrees. . . . → Read More: “The Babysitter”

Art + Story

“The Firewitch”

The Firewitch

Meet another of my figments, Bureau for Paranormal Affairs (a department in DHS) agent Julian Machliec—a Firewitch. . . . → Read More: “The Firewitch”

Art + Story

“The Contractor”

The Contractor

Mike likes rendering architectural ornament in pen and ink, extremely hot curry, and silent killing. When things get out of hand, and you need something that goes boom for those occasions, Mike can handle that, too. . . . → Read More: “The Contractor”

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