New Jim Farris Poser Tutorials

Jim just sent me a new tut on making second skins in Poser. . . . → Read More: New Jim Farris Poser Tutorials

Doing Art

Postwork tip: blood, fire, and goo!

I discovered that a 3-layer method with using brushes or any other translucent painting can do take the place of freehand painting of blood and other drippy messes. This tip give some steps for doing just that. . . . → Read More: Postwork tip: blood, fire, and goo!



Thoughts on Industrial music, and the attitude, like: Roses growing on the factory rooftops in the moonlight, the sounds of the city below. . . . → Read More: Industrial


More About Alpha Masks

Using Motion Blur in Post

How I do motion blur in post-work, using alpha masks generated by the renders. . . . → Read More: More About Alpha Masks

Doing Art


…is getting an automatic note in the email that I was 9th on the favorite artist chart for last week. Woo! No, no money prizes are associated with that. Buy hey, this is what the automated congratulations says:

Dear nfredman,

This is a notification that you made it onto this week’s Art Charts at Renderosity.com, . . . → Read More: Happiness…

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