What Railroaders Think About That…

And I don’t mean just us passenger rail wonks. The editor of Railway Age criticizes the latest dismantle-Amtrak foolishness. . . . → Read More: What Railroaders Think About That…

Privatization, Schmivitization

Epic Facepalm

Chopping up Amtrak and selling its bloody parts to the highest bidder? Epicly bad idea. Congressman Mica, time-out. . . . → Read More: Privatization, Schmivitization

The Perfect Face

The Deckagon Face

Neither beauty nor what is “good” in art are arbitrary notions. The response to beauty, at least, has been shown to be hard-wired, and it definition susceptible to mathematical description. . . . → Read More: The Perfect Face

Vue: Virtual Landscapery


Just for fun, I’m going to assemble a gallery of wallpaper-sized (1920×1200 pixels) Vue images as they trickle off the line. . . . → Read More: Vue: Virtual Landscapery

Victoria 3 Resources

Retro figures are IN. There’s a secret underground dedicated to improving and reusing older human meshes. . . . → Read More: Victoria 3 Resources