Where the Action Is

The new forum is where the action is! . . . → Read More: Where the Action Is

Inspiration picks o’ the day

I thought, “What the heck, might as well share some fun stuff I’ve rolled across today.” I mean, when I’m out of inspiration, I use StumbleUpon to browse the Net. It works. . . . → Read More: Inspiration picks o’ the day

Cocktails with Gloom


“This is not the cleavage you were looking for,” is what he told the guy at the bar who was staring at him. And this was not a pickup joint, anyhow, nor a place to meet clients; this was his favorite neighborhood dive, or close enough. So Gloom took his third? Fourth? Hypnotini back to his table–maybe a bit unsteadily–and sat again at the booth he had to himself. . . . → Read More: Cocktails with Gloom

The Terrible Local Aftermath of Irene

Hurricanes are not really funny. However, I shall always take the opportunity for silliness. Behold, the terrible devastation, twice in one week! Now, where did I put that camera? Photo-essay attached. . . . → Read More: The Terrible Local Aftermath of Irene

East Coast Earthquake Day!

Direct from Beautiful Rockville, Maryland! It’s about time I had something to log in for. How about a photo essay? . . . → Read More: East Coast Earthquake Day!