Art + Story

Getting to Chapter Two


So, when I heard, back in August, that Harper Voyager was having open submissions, I was over the moon. Opportunity beckoned! Now, terror beckons as the deadline nears. . . . → Read More: Getting to Chapter Two


More Philosophy of Art

It is possible (that word!) that the point of all this is less the finished product at the end of the project and more what you know yourself to be as a result of having done it. . . . → Read More: More Philosophy of Art

Doing Art

More on lighting in Poser

Fox Demon: Chusont'rai Shen-ro

My revelation with regards to lighting in Poser (I use 7 pro) began with the purchase of Blackhearted’s BH Pro Studio, over at Rendo. The tutorial alone in that product is worth the price, as I’m sure we’ve said here a bunch over the past year. Smile But the main . . . → Read More: More on lighting in Poser

Doing Art

Getting Your Muse to Speak

The Captive Water Fae

I was writing to a younger friend who is trying to wrestle inspiration to the ground and get it to spit out a story that is hanging around. We’ve chatted about various issues over the year; amongst them is the on-again, off-again nature of her muse. Myself, I struggled through . . . → Read More: Getting Your Muse to Speak

Doing Art

Winter Zombie-land

Sirens blare, are you listening, In a pool, blood is glistening A horrible sight, Surely a fright. Screaming in a frozen zombie-land. . . . → Read More: Winter Zombie-land

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