3D models

The Perfect Face

The Deckagon Face

Neither beauty nor what is “good” in art are arbitrary notions. The response to beauty, at least, has been shown to be hard-wired, and it definition susceptible to mathematical description. . . . → Read More: The Perfect Face

3D models

Jack Tomalin’s UV Mapping Handbook

Jack is one of those artists who model and texture for DAZ3D, and if you love beautiful, detailed, well-behaved sets for Poser (etc.) then you have probably bought some of his things.

Jack put out a freebie “UV Mapping Handbook” that is aimed at beginners. I’m going to read it. If you have questions about . . . → Read More: Jack Tomalin’s UV Mapping Handbook

3D models

Royloo’s T2 Freebies Return!

T2 for M4 Promo

Antonio, the administrator of the Poser Addicts II site, has managed to get this much-loved Poser free outfit for M4 (and the V4 version as well, I believe) from Royloo, who created it and made it available to the public once more! . . . → Read More: Royloo’s T2 Freebies Return!

3D models

The Poser Sets Critique List

Getting sets for Poser is like reading real estate ads: sounds great and the photo looks good, but you need really walk around in them to find out what they’re like. They’re never as good as they sound. Mind you, there’s theoretically nothing wrong with a set made to be used at a distance. However, . . . → Read More: The Poser Sets Critique List

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