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Getting to Chapter Two


So, when I heard, back in August, that Harper Voyager was having open submissions, I was over the moon. Opportunity beckoned! Now, terror beckons as the deadline nears. . . . → Read More: Getting to Chapter Two


The Terrible Local Aftermath of Irene

Hurricanes are not really funny. However, I shall always take the opportunity for silliness. Behold, the terrible devastation, twice in one week! Now, where did I put that camera? Photo-essay attached. . . . → Read More: The Terrible Local Aftermath of Irene


East Coast Earthquake Day!

Direct from Beautiful Rockville, Maryland! It’s about time I had something to log in for. How about a photo essay? . . . → Read More: East Coast Earthquake Day!


Lake Pointe Inn/FLW pilgrimage

This past fall (2009) we went up to Lake Pointe Inn at Deep Creek, Md, and I concur with the opinion that it is the best B&B in the tri-state area. Not at all pretentious, but beautifully decked out in an Arts&Crafts/Prairie style; well-managed by people who care about both their property and their guests . . . → Read More: Lake Pointe Inn/FLW pilgrimage

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