Doing Art

Stephen Hickman…I knew him when…

ZOMG, Steve has his own Wikipedia page. Not that I should be shocked, Steve is a museum-worthy artist, certainly. I make mention of this because I was explaining to a lovely young person that Steve helped me immensely when I was floundering around and in my twenties and thirties, just by being encouraging and kind. . . . → Read More: Stephen Hickman…I knew him when…

Doing Art

Perfection… meaning what exactly?

A wonderful young friend of mine wrote in a forum:

Thing is see…I dunno what my perfect is. I dunno what I have to reach to be able to look at what I do and go “Yea I really like that.”

I see perfection in so many other people and things that sometimes i defeat . . . → Read More: Perfection… meaning what exactly?

Doing Art

The State of the Muse

Since I started this blog, I have completed the drafts of 4 books of urban fantasy, laced with science fiction, a modicum of erotica, and cyberpunkishness. My writing muse is pretty happy with me most days.

Along the way, I decided that I really, really wanted to be able to see my figments, and took . . . → Read More: The State of the Muse


Quote for the Day

Behold, the wisdom of Dr. Seuss. . . . → Read More: Quote for the Day

Doing Art

Being Very Human

For you students of humanity: I saw this interesting little article from AP today: Ivory sculpture in Germany could be world’s oldest. So, 35,000 years of pinups. Well, the anscestors didn’t have the Internet or magazines, and until they could invent those, they had to make do with what they had in the way of . . . → Read More: Being Very Human

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