Keeping Up… Is Hard to Do!

Nan in butler's livery at Kasteel Oost

Good intentions regarding blogging are almost certainly to be foiled if they are declared. Thus, a long hiatus. What happened? Well, um. Try, graduating from Butler School in the Netherlands. . . . → Read More: Keeping Up… Is Hard to Do!


More Philosophy of Art

It is possible (that word!) that the point of all this is less the finished product at the end of the project and more what you know yourself to be as a result of having done it. . . . → Read More: More Philosophy of Art



Thoughts on Industrial music, and the attitude, like: Roses growing on the factory rooftops in the moonlight, the sounds of the city below. . . . → Read More: Industrial

Doing Art

Getting Your Muse to Speak

The Captive Water Fae

I was writing to a younger friend who is trying to wrestle inspiration to the ground and get it to spit out a story that is hanging around. We’ve chatted about various issues over the year; amongst them is the on-again, off-again nature of her muse. Myself, I struggled through . . . → Read More: Getting Your Muse to Speak


The Houston House

I have these grand mythical places in the mists of my beginning—probably quite mundane, in reality, small and fragile against the tides of time—and the Houston house is one of them, R.F. Isbell’s now historically-designated home on 639 Heights Boulevard. Mayor Isbell was my great-grandfather on my mother’s side. I’m glad someone saw fit to . . . → Read More: The Houston House

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