About the Author

My deep dark secret is that I really like to write. Oh, yes.

When I went to the Siddha Yoga ashram about a million years ago, when Muktananda was still alive, you could ask for a spiritual name, so I did. What popped out of the stack was: Vakdevi: goddess of speech. I guess I took it to heart.

Since I started this bloggity, I have completed the drafts of 5 books of urban fantasy, laced with science fiction and cyberpunkishness. My writing muse is pretty happy with me most days.

I used to post a LOT to the (current) Complaint Thread on the DAZ3D Commons forum and “co-host” the Virile Noir thread there, which is now in its fifth incarnation–that’s over 400 forum pages worth, folks, over the span of two years! At about 20 posts per page…yeah, a LOT of great renders!

These days, I spend much more time in a private forum I run and on the more public 3d-Noir forum. That second one is intended as a continuation in spirit of the Virile Noir threads, and my friends LT Roberts, Jim Farris and I moderate it.

Yeah, I live on the ‘Net.

And up until September 11, 2012, I had a day job at Amtrak, producing and writing for their Great American Stations web site, which should explain my obsessions with architecture and trains. Currently, I’m searching for another website production and management position.

Oh, and the rotating pictures on this blog header are my own artwork. Well, little slices of it anyway.

Come back soon, hear? Nice to have you visit.