Blogs, They Are A-Multiplyin’

If you don’t promote your e-book, there’s almost no point in publishing it on Amazon, as far as I can see. This requires more elbow-grease and friendliness than sales ability, or so I’m led to believe. Well, I look at Amazon-published books that are actually pretty well-written and doing acceptably in terms of sales, and I think, “Hey, I’m friendly and hard-working! If those nice writing wimmins can do this, so can I.”

So, you need reviewers and something extra for your readers, in return for a hopefully positive review and/or rating. What else can I do? Oh, I can blog, for sure. This means a writing-oriented blog as opposed to this personal/artist thing you’re reading–although I can guarantee there would be cross-pollination between them.

Therefore, I am beginning the design, build, and test of, which will be somewhat promotional, and have serialized stories in the Palmers Rest universe that branch off from the main…or might evolve into more books. Freebies! Yay! There will continue to be the themed wallpapers and illustrations, of course.

There’s another blog I want to start. I already have the site: (because is already taken, dammit) but there isn’t anything there right now, so don’t bother. YET. This site is a spoiler for Books 3 onward, sort of. *hee* And it will be written in-character by one of my figments, with installments and random stuff from other figments. It will also very likely expand upon the mini-stories seen in my Renderosity gallery. The pictures will be Poser/Vue/Photoshop of course, which just expands my digi-verse. Hopefully, for those that like spending time with Alex and his gang, this will give you a fun way to play with them.

As always, you can get to the Poser/digital art/story forum I run at , if you want to visit another way.

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