Keeping Up… Is Hard to Do!

Nan in butler's livery at Kasteel Oost

Nan in butler’s livery at Kasteel Oost

Good intentions regarding blogging are almost certainly to be foiled if they are declared. Thus, a long hiatus. What happened? Well, um.

I submitted the manuscript for Sorrows’ Master to Harper Collins, and it was, by January, declined very politely. Really, I am not put out at this. There was still fat in the story that could and should be trimmed out. I knew I would circle back around to it, by and bye. And I have, too, but that’s another entry’s worth.

Meantime, I decided to go ahead and apply to the International Butler Academy. I got in. And this Friday, I go off to the Netherlands for two months to school. Holy cannoli! I got in.

By May, when it was time to leave to go to school, I found myself looking back on the last eight months and marveling at this journey, taken largely in the quiet of my own home. I have changed, and I did it on my own dime and by my own decision. Some folks do this when they’re teenagers; some never do. I have been more than fortunate to do so with the love and aid of my very dear Kay, to whom I owe my life several time over by now.

Then, I packed my bags and flung myself headfirst into an amazing adventure overseas. In a word, the International Butler Academy was bootcamp with suits, where I learned how to be that mythical creature, a real butler. No, we didn’t squirm through the mud under barbed wire while wearing Armani. Don’t be silly. It was 24-7 and demanding–physically, mentally, and spiritually. It was harder than my stint at graduate engineering school by a long shot. I persevered and worked my tail off. I and my 14 fellow students gave our all, and every one of us graduated.

You may cheer, now.  This means that I do consider myself a professional butler. And professionally? Writing and art aside (they’ll always be with me), I would love nothing better than to be household manager for a nice family in the Washington, D.C. area. That’s a hint, folks. :)

Now, this whole butler thing is perhaps at odds with my imaginative works, which can be wild and crazy stuff, admittedly. I can assure people that they are ONLY imaginative works. What this means as far as what sort of person I am,  is that I am an imaginative person, and working for a nice, wealthy gay couple would be wonderful. Working for artists? Awesome. Would I embarrass a nice dentist or IT executive? Absolutely not.

And then I returned home to…no job, and a most painfully pinched sciatic nerve. I fell up some brick stairs outside during a wedding at Kasteel Oost and twisted the heck out of my back and knee. By the end of the night, a great whacking chunk of my left foot was numb. It’s taken two months to get better, but it has. As for the no-job affair, I am now recalling how frustrating it was to have a new career but no real experience except for excellent training. Hopefully something will arrive, if I keep applying for jobs and poking around for outside-the-box opportunities. Meantime…art and writing are still with me, and that I can work on.

More blogging for me!

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