Where the Action Is

I think I saw a tumble-weed (Russian Thistle, for the exact) going through here a minute ago. The truth is that I spend a lot more of my time in 3d-noir.cooltuna.com and another private forum where some of us refugees from DAZ3d forums went.

If you are interested in an artist-colony approach to learning and doing, you might like 3d-noir. LT_Roberts, Xaa, and I moderate. (We’re not restrictive about language or nudity, but we do have to be careful about pornographic images, since ICDsoft, which hosts all this, has that in their hosting agreement and I am the one who’ll be punished for any serious bloopers in that regard .)

Check it out. http://3d-noir.cooltuna.com.

If you want in, do the “application” thing and email me. I have a day job and not enough time to deal with spammers, so this is how we handle that, by making sure only real people we know are in there.

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