Privatization, Schmivitization

Epic Facepalm

Even Jesus Thinks You're Doing It Wrong.

Chopping up Amtrak and selling its bloody parts to the highest bidder? Epicly bad idea.  Over time, I’ve learned that handing over the reins for a public good to a private firm gets us, the taxpayers, exactly nowhere but more broke and now? Stranded without a ride. The cost doesn’t go down. Efficiency doesn’t go up. Please, how many businesses fail within their first years? Nearly all of them.

Hand your well-being to the accountants, and you will end up suffering with nicely balanced books. This is such a sucky idea, Congressman Mica, it’s just unbelievable.

Think Fannie Mae.

This guy said way better than I can: The public pays a price for privatization. Read it, dude.

I particularly like the Pawlenty-style notion of replacing all of Congress with 4chan.

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