What Railroaders Think About That…

And I don’t mean just us passenger rail wonks. The editor of Railway Age criticizes the latest dismantle-Amtrak foolishness. . . . → Read More: What Railroaders Think About That…


Privatization, Schmivitization

Epic Facepalm

Chopping up Amtrak and selling its bloody parts to the highest bidder? Epicly bad idea. Congressman Mica, time-out. . . . → Read More: Privatization, Schmivitization

3D models

The Perfect Face

The Deckagon Face

Neither beauty nor what is “good” in art are arbitrary notions. The response to beauty, at least, has been shown to be hard-wired, and it definition susceptible to mathematical description. . . . → Read More: The Perfect Face

Doing Art

Vue: Virtual Landscapery


Just for fun, I’m going to assemble a gallery of wallpaper-sized (1920×1200 pixels) Vue images as they trickle off the line. . . . → Read More: Vue: Virtual Landscapery

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