Could there be a forum in the Cool Tuna future?

Perhaps this is premature, but the Commons forum where I usually hang out at, DAZ3D has been having massive site hiccups as they upgrade their store, and their pHpBB forum has been slow and cranky as well. So the Old Man of my favorite thread up and says, “Yo, you offered to host a forum. Better look into it.” I mean, we’re all just that nervy.

So, I am looking into Vanilla Forum open-source software as a possibility. It’s compatible with mobile platforms, apparently? And has integration with Twitter and WordPress (what runs this bloggity). Looks good. Well-supported, biggish community, about as hard as WordPress to install, I’m guessing. Yeah, I’ll go for it. Good practice, if nothing else.

So, if this comes to pass, the Virile Noir and the Complainers may possibly come to roost here!

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