New Cooltuna Freebies

Making that horn set for FemaSu inspired me to start modeling again, so I whipped up a nice spiked cuff to match the spiked collar done quite a while¬† as well as a simple ring parented to various fingers. You should go get these, if you use DAZ3D’s Michael4 (M4 for short). :)

FemaSu Horns

M4 Jewelry Pack 4 (yes, there were 3 others!)

M4 Spiked Collar

Oh, heck. Just go to the damned freebies page.

I’m going to work on some other stuff, too. Hexagon is acting out a little, and I’m trying out Modo…skittishly. Augh, another interface! But all will be cool. Hopefully the Modo folks will offer a discount. And DAZ3D actually has a Hexagon update in the works–in public Beta no less! Of course, I can say here what I will not on the forums: which is that I will probably be retired before Hexagon 3 comes out. 9_9

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