Jack Tomalin’s UV Mapping Handbook

Jack is one of those artists who model and texture for DAZ3D, and if you love beautiful, detailed, well-behaved sets for Poser (etc.) then you have probably bought some of his things.

Jack put out a freebie “UV Mapping Handbook” that is aimed at beginners. I’m going to read it. If you have questions about this somewhat arcane practice, you should too. I can say that even though I haven’t yet–that’s how much I trust Jack’s stuff.

>> UV Mapping Handbook, a PDF file, is free on his site.

Oh, and sorry for going all fannish. Can’t help myself. I want to model like Jack when I grow up. ;)

* * *

Just needed to add that this is “Part I” and only covers the basic concepts—however, it’s still useful.

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