Holy Flaming Fire Chickens! (Ariolas and Coruanu)

Holy Flaming Fire Chickens!

Holy Flaming Fire Chickens!

After the events that brought Fechin back into the Gotth fold, Coruanu went north to Virginia to apprentice to Ariolas and Taiev–something he’d wanted to do for a very long time. Cor is a mageborn full-blooded Elf, so there’s a lot of magick in him.

HOWEVER…the main challenge young mages have is surviving their own talents. For an Elf, Coruanu is young, being roughly fortyish. He’d taught himself a few things, but not really pursued it after meeting Ariolas in …well, we call it Elsewhere, where Cor came from… more long stories, gosh. Another time.

Anyhow…Ariolas, Master of Wisdom, the last Elvish sword-bearer, is one of the oldest mages around on earth, now–and is a puckish character, to be sure. (Cor was wondering about that cheesy shirt…what does, “The Flying Hamster of Doom Rains Coconuts on Your Pitiful Cities” mean, anyhow? Cor’s English isn’t too good.)

Ariolas: “So. A firebird is essentially a compounding of smaller fire and air elementals–an explosive mixture, as you can imagine, yes?”

Coruanu: “Yes, lord. You showed me.”

Ariolas: “Been practicing?”

Coruanu: “Um, well, some.”

Ariolas, sitting down out of range: “Well, that’s why we’re in a stone room at the moment. Don’t burn the rug, boy, I like it. Show me what you got.”

Coruanu speaks the long Word that conjures a firebird, and then: **FOOM** “AAAAaaaagh!”

Ariolas: “Hm, fire-chicks, how interesting, and three of them! What is it with you and chickens, boy? Keep them floating, there’s a lad.”

Coruanu: “AAAGH! Help!” *hops madly trying to avoid having his hair set on fire without dropping the chicks*

Ariolas is trying really hard not to roll on the floor laughing. He’ll rescue Cor in a moment, after he’s had a chance to juggle his little fire-chickens. Of course, torturing your apprentice is part of the fun of having one, you know.

Production Notes: M4 Enhanced with my two characters, sitting on furniture from Winnston’s River House stolen and put in DM’s Anardhaus; Ri is wearing a DAZ Elite skin, and Coruanu is in his usual AlanX skin; Ariolas has got one of Wayii’s free textures for the Styling M4 shirt (the only way you’ll ever see me use that thing) with Sickleyield’s straight-leg pants; Coruanu is in AS Narquelir’Kir with Narquelir Yes! and Naq Angel Noir textures; Noggin’s chickens flying about burning madly; Ron’s Particles in the effects. Hair, flaming chicks, color adjustment and Elvish snickers added in Post.

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