A Cybersorcerer Is Never Unarmed: Gloom Passing

A CyberSorcerer Is Never Unarmed

A CyberSorcerer Is Never Unarmed

I don’t know his story yet–but the latest gothboi sorcerer, Gloom, is back again. There’s something about his androgynous Art Nouveau looks that I really like.

The bats are cheesy, but hey, it was necessary. ;)

Production notes: M4 Enhanced with Surreality’s Equinox character, a little tweaked but not much! jewelry from me (free) and Inception8 (stolen from Vickie); Kattey’s free Eagle Cape with ParrotDolphin Paisley texture; Mourning Sun corset; Pyro pants, also re-materialed; Cyberpunk M4 cyberarm with JM postapocalyptic texture; coflek-gnorg’s Technotown buildings; SilverKey3d bats (DAZ); hair, magick, haze all added in post.

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