Shamelessly stolen from Ed Averill. Because I really like it!

Mondays suck oh this is true
Can’t wait ’till this day is through
Office coffee tastes like mud
And my brain is filled with crud
Don’t quite feel like writing code
Energy’s in the commode
Green tea helps but not enough
Today’s looking to be rough!

Mondays bite like hissy snakes
Do I have just what it takes
To stay awake until I leave
I don’t think so, I believe
I’ll take a nap under my desk
Maybe dream of some burlesque
Stripper giving me the eye
While I just sit back and sigh!

Mondays are quite bad it’s true
Hope that I can make it through
Coffee guzzled by the mug
Caffeine is a helpful drug
At least indoors it is warm
Sitting in a huge cube farm
So I grouse and make a fuss
‘Till it’s time to catch the bus!

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