Finally, something like a real picture again.

It’s been over a month since my render-box pretty much died. I’ve been keeping the zombiefied remains (I do not mean that in any hacking sort of way) and now that my new compy is FINALLY set up and running, I have responded to a request from Jim Farris at the DAZ Commons for a pin-up–with a woman. *cough* But she’s escorted by this older fellow, so that’s OK, there’s still a guy in the picture. ;^) The original pic that we were supposed to work from was a Vargas illustration, also Diana. But…it just wasn’t me and I was WAY too lazy to create a proper dynamic dress for her–being ever so anxious to just FINISH a picture.

Production Notes: V4.2 with a Surreality’a Modern Muses Nera; Sanctum Arts Horde with “chill” texture; DM Druid Valley set; bow and quiver from V4 Wildenlander with an Arien texture; DM Totem Cloth with the green textures; Diana’s hair, some fixes & f/x done in post.


I had issues with the Vargas original, which is why I re-imagined it, to use that awful word. Well, she should be blonde, since she’s Apollo’s twin, but I’ll give in on that. Secondly, silver is the color of the moon, so she would not have a gold crescent on her head. Rolling Eyes Pearls are wrong, belonging to the sea…but moonstones look pretty much the same from a distance, so, OK.

She’s the mistress of the hunt, and I can’t see her walking borzois on leashes. Honestly, like she was some Park Avenue lady? *snort* This called out for something rougher, and since she IS the Moon Mistress, a werewolf seemed perfect. And there is a relationship there: He’s protective of her, and she guides him gently; he’s watching us with a snarl, leaving her free to scan the horizon.

I used the Wildenlander bow, which came into her hand like this–and I thought: that’s much better than on her back while she’s walking the dogs. And while I liked the Aery Soul Aeterna dress, it was too…well, not cut out for running, which she would do, so I went to DM’s Totem Cloth and the Classic Fantasy greaves and arm guards–which don’t guard much, but she wouldn’t need them to, being a goddess and all. She’s not wearing shoes because she’s the original Wild Thing, you know? And her clothing is green and silver where I could fix that.

She’s passed through the Druid Valley stones and looks beyond them–that and the leaves make a nice setting for her to emerge from. The puffy clouds turned out to be *perfect* for silhouetting Mr. Nasty there, and there’s plenty of contrast to set the shapes off.

Lighting: Druid Valley scene 03 came in with some nice lighting, but they don’t include IBLs, which I like for fill lights. The Shaderworks Create Lights scripts are *indispensible*! And allow me to create Olivier’s IBLs very easily, matching the overall scene colors sufficiently. IBLs don’t get reflected, so hey, there’s no point in being over-exact with them. So I deleted one of the fill lights, put raytraced shadows on everything else, pulled the shadow density to a max of 0.888, and the shadow bias to 0.3333, as Blackhearted recommends in the tutorial that comes with his awesome light set, Pro Studio. Distance lights got high (like, 6 to 10) blur radius. Sampling I leave alone on the properties tab. I also added a face-glow light, a white point light with about a 10-foot falloff, 0.888 shadows, 0.333 shadow bias, a low but not hard blur radius, and put it at about 6 poser feet and close by her left shoulder. The falloff makes Surreality’s skin do great things!

Then I test rendered and tweaked..I always do about a dozen draft renders to check lighting and posing.

Final render: Raytraced (ALWAYS), shadows & displacement used. Samples at 12, 2 bounces.

Some poke-through fixed in post, as well as toes and feet not hitting right on level ground.

Hair…lord, that’s it’s own book. The colors worked well in this one, and I did the depth of field in Photoshop, too. Smile

BTW, used the Intuous4 to do this, as my new Cintiq is going to take getting used to. The Int.4 has better responsiveness, and I haven’t looked at what I’m drawing on in so long that it was confusing! LOL

So, more Cintiq practice later. I was just in a hurry to Get Something Done. I can be picky later.

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