“The Firewitch”

The Firewitch

The Firewitch: Julian in his garden

Meet another of my figments, Bureau for Paranormal Affairs (a department in DHS) agent Julian Machliec. Being a Witch (the hereditary preternatural race type) he has a fabulous garden. He also has a prediliction for fire—handy, that.

Originally posted at Renderosity, March 3, 2009.

[As a Poser character, Julian's been through a lot of changes as I've tried to get the renders close to my mental image of hi without resorting to creating my own texture for him. This early M3 version is pretty close, face-wise, although I hated the M3 body pretty much for its weird shoulders.]

Production Notes: This is M3 with my own dial-twiddling face/body. His earrings and piercings are my own freebies (for YOU). Texture is Daniel from PoserAddicts (sweet, huh?) Hair painted in post. The clothing/guns are Lone Wolf from DAZ with Lone Wow! textures by RoMan, Rendo MP. The fence is part of Talca (Danie-Marforno/DAZ) and those are Lisa’s Botannicals flowers (DAZ). Whew! Oh yeah, Render Studio lights, somewhat tweaked.

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