“The Contractor”

The Contractor

The Contractor: Mike Kaminski

Meet Mike Kaminski, nice Jewish boy from the Washington, D.C. ‘burbs…once upon a time. Now, as code name “Archangel,” one of the Agency’s “dirty works” department’s most valued contractors. Mike likes rendering architectural ornament in pen and ink, extremely hot curry, and silent killing. Oh yes, and a good top.

Well, sometimes things get out of hand, and you need something that goes boom for those occasions. He keeps some of those things around, too.

Production Notes: M4 Enhanced, my own dialed up character. Coflek-Gnorg’s great carbon-cutter gun, knife from Mock’s zombie-killing set. Powerage’s Lord of the Road Jacket and Marv shirt; BillyT’s Real Jeans. Iluusion3d’s Mitchell skin. Stonemason’s Tin Pan Alley set. Hair and eyebrows painted in postwork, plus a little overall color-fiddling.

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