Would you like some tea with that art?

My pal and Poserizing co-conspirtor, LT, visited from Toronto in June and boy, I got the crash course in Tea Culture. I’m so grateful! I had a blast. Like, how many people–as an adult–do you know that you can have a tea party with??

Any how, I just reviewed a particularly nice green tea for Teavanna.com (self-submitted, nothing special) and thought I’d share that:

Gyokuro Imperial Green

Your Rating: 5 stars

Delicate yet powerful

Tea Body : Medium
Tea Flavor : Earthy, Vegetal
Pros : High Quality, Soothing, Aromatic, Fresh Best
Uses : Anytime
Describe Yourself : High-End Shopper, Tea Enthusiast

I find that green teas can be most soothing–excellent when you’re feeling a bit peaked. This one has an intense green-tea aroma–a wonderfully earthy snap to it, even–something I really love about green teas, that growing-things aroma. There is an oddly sweet aftertaste that’s quite charming, too.

Be VERY sure to follow the directions. 1 tsp per 8 oz. water, make sure the water is off the boil, and ONLY 45 seconds steeping time. That sounded too short to me the first time, because I generally drink a lot of black tea, English-style, but man, if you don’t follow the direction, it’s too bitter and strong. If you DO follow the directions, it’s a cup of heaven.

Really, for this tea, you should use a nice tetsubin pot JUST for green teas and a pretty cup, too. Makes it that much more of a treat.

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