FYA: critiques

Out of the blue, for no reason whatsoever and in the interests of better communications, some (possibly new) smileys:

o_0   ”This is bizzarro”
0_o   ”Yep, still strange”
=_0   ”Let’s try with one eye to see if it looks any better”
0_=   ”Maybe close the other eye?”
=_=   *squint* or, “I take a dim view of this”
0_0   ”Yikes!”
>_<   ”Godammit”
8_8   ”Aliens clearly invented this”
@_@   ”Holy cow!” or big puppy-dog eyes
9_9   ”There they go again”, eyes rolling
e_e   “Good grief”
Q_Q   ”Uh oh”
*_*   ”I. Want. That.”
6_9   ”I’ve gone completely nuts!”
T_T   *sniffle*
u_u   just napping
^_^   smile
n_n   even smilier
>.>   ”Do you think they noticed?”
<.<   ”Nope, don’t think they did”
.__.   ”Bored now. Can I leave?”
x_X   ”Kill me now, please” i.e., Friday afternoons and early Monday mornings
~_^   *wink!*

* * *
You may now return to your regularly scheduled serious business.

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