Lake Pointe Inn/FLW pilgrimage

This past fall (2009) we went up to Lake Pointe Inn at Deep Creek, Md, and I concur with the opinion that it is the best B&B in the tri-state area. Not at all pretentious, but beautifully decked out in an Arts&Crafts/Prairie style; well-managed by people who care about both their property and their guests VERY much; outstanding breakfasts, lots of little treats included; and pretty much set up for couples. They were very good to us!

It was drizzly and wet when we got there and for the next day as well. However, on Sunday and Monday the weather cleared for some classic mountain/fall foliage, a last hurrah for the season. Monday found us on our way to see both of the local Frank Lloyd Wright houses, Kentuck Knob and Falling Water. So much to take in! And so wonderful to see.

Most often heard comment: “Was FLW really short?” The houses tended to very cramped spaces compared to what modern builders think people prefer. On the other hand, being very short, myself, I thought: “Hey! Someone built houses to my scale!” Which is about 3/4 of average.

Another thing you’ll notice is that you don’t see the insides of the houses, either Kentuck Knob or Fallingwater. This is because the foundation that owns the houses keeps very tight control over photography and allows NO photography inside. You either buy the books (which are everywhere) or remember the experience all the more keenly for it being so brief.

So, is there really a tardis masquerading as a sculpture in the Kentuck Knob sculpture garden? You be the judge.

First comes the Inn, then some shots of little Cumberland, MD nearby, which had a wonderful old train station and some nifty old buildings. Then Fallingwater and then Kentuck Knob. Pix are annotated.

Herewith the gallery:

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