weird stuff

The Peregrinations of the White Plastic Chair

Bet you didn’t know all those chairs had secret lives, huh? . . . → Read More: The Peregrinations of the White Plastic Chair


It’s Official Beefcake!

Presenting a tutorial on how to know when you are looking at REAL Official Beefcake. With illustrations. Of chickens. . . . → Read More: It’s Official Beefcake!

Doing Art

Art Charts, Again

It’s my blog, and I shall blow my own horn a little. Made it on the weekly statistical rollup at Renderosity as #30 favorite artist for July 20-26. When I have a good week, picture-wise, this can happen. *beams*

Art Charts.


Proper Technology

Don’t feel left out of the flat-panel TV revolution (does that mean they spin?). I only own a modest one and the Tivo upstairs, along with a Sony DVD player gotten on massive sale. Meh. The Honorable GF is the true Tech Ho’ in our house.

We squabble over how I could possibly be cyberpunk . . . → Read More: Proper Technology


The Houston House

I have these grand mythical places in the mists of my beginning—probably quite mundane, in reality, small and fragile against the tides of time—and the Houston house is one of them, R.F. Isbell’s now historically-designated home on 639 Heights Boulevard. Mayor Isbell was my great-grandfather on my mother’s side. I’m glad someone saw fit to . . . → Read More: The Houston House

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