Doing Art

I’m so proud of us!

They change the Renderosity Staff Picks on Sundays and three of us from the Virile Noir thread got in this week! Actually, we show up a fair amount. Do go see it! We have images from Kfox, LT Roberts, and myself there.

Doing Art

Artistic Depth of Field

Today I answered a post, here, that said of a rendered image:

Playing around with depth of field and sort of liked the effect? Too much?

If you haven’t gone to look at it, it was a figure against a blurred background, basically. The background was barely distinguishable as light and dark objects. (Really, the . . . → Read More: Artistic Depth of Field

Doing Art

Masks and Render Passes

I’ve been asked about my references to alpha masks and z-depth (or depth cue) with regard to creating renders in Poser, so here’s my run at explaining that. First, an image: This is from the Advanced Render Settings product in the RuntimeDNA store, and is so perfect I could not improve upon it as a . . . → Read More: Masks and Render Passes

Doing Art

Being Very Human

For you students of humanity: I saw this interesting little article from AP today: Ivory sculpture in Germany could be world’s oldest. So, 35,000 years of pinups. Well, the anscestors didn’t have the Internet or magazines, and until they could invent those, they had to make do with what they had in the way of . . . → Read More: Being Very Human

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