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…is getting an automatic note in the email that I was 9th on the favorite artist chart for last week. Woo! No, no money prizes are associated with that. Buy hey, this is what the automated congratulations says:

Dear nfredman,

This is a notification that you made it onto this week’s Art Charts at, . . . → Read More: Happiness…

Doing Art

Introduction to Lighting for Poser and DAZ Studio

If there were one thing I would say you should take away from a conversation about what makes a good 3d picture–or any representational art–it would be that lighting is utterly crucial. Lighting is definitely one of the most basic things you can learn in 3d, and it will also help you in any visual . . . → Read More: Introduction to Lighting for Poser and DAZ Studio

Doing Art

Poser Workflow

Updated: 9/29/2010

At some point, someone asked me to talk about workflow when using Poser to create and render digital art. I answered–don’t know if they ever saw it, as that thread on the DAZ3d Commons got buried pretty fast. But I can post it here for posterity. Let’s assume you own Poser 7 (I . . . → Read More: Poser Workflow

Doing Art

Character Creation Tips for Poser Users

Someone I had not previously met asked me in a Renderosity site mail: Hi there – i was browsing your gallery and am totally amazed by your fellas. How did you get the latest one to look so damn good? . . . → Read More: Character Creation Tips for Poser Users

Doing Art

General Help in Depiction for Poser Users

Yesterday, one of my friends on the DAZ3d Commons posted a picture in our Virile Noir thread, and wanted comments. She didn’t get many, sadly–but the people who are really good at critical assessments have been MIA for personal reasons (real life interferes now and then!). She got no comments except from me, and I felt like I needed to help her. . . . → Read More: General Help in Depiction for Poser Users

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