Things that Make You Go Hmm…

There are a lot of those…I will refrain from discussing the candidates in the upcoming U.S. presidential elections, who have a lot of Hmmm value.  Except for Sarah Palin, who is so darn Hmmmable that I have to say… WHO thought it was a good idea to invite that jumped-up thug to the party?

Ahem. Sorry.

Overheard at the recent Plone conference:

So he comes to me and asks to have Second Life installed on his computer, and I told him that it was a big pain to do and it would mess up his computer really bad. The truth of the matter is that I just couldn’t explain bondage furries to him—which would be the first thing he saw when he got there.

Yep, bondage furries are really hard to explain. I do not know WHY people in governmental agencies feel the need to get their institutes (as in NIH, for example) space on facebook. Recruiting? Hah. Likely story. Recruiting for what? More importantly, recruiting whom? Scientists with kinks?

Then there’s this thing where bad-tempered middle-aged men dress up in Sailor Moon outfits and go to anime or science fiction conventions. And the costumes are rumpled. It’s a cosplay thing, I know. But really…is this a good idea? Why are they so grumpy? The costume doesn’t seem to be helping.

Then there was the day where I went out at lunch time to go down the block to the bank. I work in an office inside Washington Union Station, so yeah, there is the usual cast of urban characters hanging around outside. There’s this one guy who stands in his special spot that I have to pass when I go to the bank a block down Massachussetts Avenue. He has a phone head set most days, but I happen to know that he’s talking to himself out loud. That day, no head set. And he was casting aspersions upon someone political at the top of his lungs—well, hell, the Capitol is only a stones throw away, why not?—and then he said to himself, loudly, “I AM NOT HERE TO SOCIALIZE.”

Elevator shafts are like the world’s largest shower stalls. Oh my. When I got back inside the building, and was waiting for the elevator up…one of the elevators was out of service, being renovated & worked on, so that shaft was open and just covered up by a plywood shed arrangement while the guys inside sawed, hammered, drilled, and banged around. Some workman was also singing at the top of his lungs, something cheery and very pop.  That made me smile.

17 October 2008

The police chief of Amtrak broadcasts an email:

“There are workers on the roof of Union Station. No cause for alarm.”

And there are workers UNDER the roof, too! (Nothing to see here, move along.) They’d already posted an email about this, mind you. Who was bothering the police chief about window washers? *sigh*

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