Back to Doing 3d Art

About four years ago I stopped doing a lot of 3-d art—or any art for that matter—because I got a job that pretty much ate my brain. I had been laid off and trying to get work for eight or nine months and took a job at Real Magnet doing both email template design and help desk. This was the sort of job where I came home after a day of beyond-intense work and I just couldn’t talk, much less do anything else.

OK, two years of that. No creative stuff going on, much, but the people at Real Magnet are and were the best, which made up for a lot of the pressure. Then I moved on to a position at Amtrak as a production designer for the Great American Stations project. Then my mother died…then my grandmother…talk about transitions.

This winter past, the dam that had been keeping me from writing for oh, a couple of decades, finally broke. At this point, I have 3+ books in a series drafted, and nobody is more surprised than I am. The fourth is meandering and having plot issues, so I write on it a little bit at a time, and started back with Poser to depict the characters in the books, whom I call my figments.

The figments share a brain with me, as my figments always have over the years. They wanted to be portrayed, since I can do that pretty handily with Poser and Photoshop. Isn’t that neat? I can “photograph” people who have never existed. So, the 3d gallery at this point is populated with the current crop of figments from the Master of Sorrows trilogy (plus).

I also went back to the DAZ3D forums, and post regularly there again, and have fun being very silly with the excellent people there. They’re a real cut above your usual grotesqueries on the ‘Net. If you’re there, I’m the Nanobot. Of course.

It could be said that I flit from enthusiasm to enthusiasm, but that’s not exactly true. I spiral through them, coming back time after time. I figure that I’m supposed to do a bunch of different things, and well, I like variety, so I switch off. I’m trying, since life is short, to focus better now. Follow-through. Persistence. Words like those.

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