Blogs, They Are A-Multiplyin’

Promoting e-books leads to MORE BLOGGING. And a few good links. :) . . . → Read More: Blogs, They Are A-Multiplyin’

Keeping Up… Is Hard to Do!

Nan in butler's livery at Kasteel Oost

Good intentions regarding blogging are almost certainly to be foiled if they are declared. Thus, a long hiatus. What happened? Well, um. Try, graduating from Butler School in the Netherlands. . . . → Read More: Keeping Up… Is Hard to Do!

Muse: A Review

Muse, by Jim Farris. Amazon Kindle e-book.

It’s not fair. This whole story is massively unfair.

I picked up Jim Farris’ Muse, and upon reading the opening, thought, “Uh oh, another egocentric story about a Raymond Chandler wannabe having a detective adventure. Bleargh.” You see, the first paragraph said:

“I suppose it had to happen, . . . → Read More: Muse: A Review

Getting to Chapter Two


So, when I heard, back in August, that Harper Voyager was having open submissions, I was over the moon. Opportunity beckoned! Now, terror beckons as the deadline nears. . . . → Read More: Getting to Chapter Two

It’s Chapter One, all over again

Calyx the Reaper

I got laid off on 9/11…2012. I knew exactly what my boss was doing when she peered around the edge of my cube and said, “Come to conference room H, please.” I wasn’t disappointed. . . . → Read More: It’s Chapter One, all over again